SLS Zone open source projects which are available for you to use as part of a larger project. You are welcome to submit pull requests, leave feature suggestions on the issues tracker, or just use within your own project to save you the development time.

All projects here are used daily the by Reason development team, are maintained, and battle tested through production implementation. But new use cases always come up, so feel free to let us know where they can improve.


A clean and clear way to structure your API endpoints, and Serverless architecture regardless of nano, micro or monolith. Based on express, introduces middleware and components into the serverless domain. No dependencies, lean and functional.

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Very practical and useful AWS log streaming tool. You will find this invaluable when working with remotely deployed lambda’s, and needing to view AWS Cloud Watch at runtime.

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Managing your notification from 10 to >10,000,000. Sls-notify is built to make your communication layer easy to implement and grow to new devices as you project expands. Supports Email, SMS, APNS, GCM, and MPNS. Build on top of AWS Elastic Search, SES, & SNS.

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Add CDN functionality to your Serverless application. sls-cdn will help you create signed uploads, and provide on-demand image transformations and file tagging. Built on top of S3 and Cloudfront.

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