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SLS Zone: Learn, Build and Run Serverless applications

SLS Zone is a collection of tutorials, best practices and open source projects created for the Serverless community to help build Serverless applications the right way.

This toolkit has evolved over countless hours by the Reason technology team in applying these practices to real world digital products. Our aim is to help grow Serverless adoption, share knowledge and help you produce reliable, scalable and secure digital products at speed.

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Guides, video tutorials, and code snippets to help you get up and running on various Serverless development topics.


Explore our open source projects to help you streamline your delivery or learn by example.


Run your product in a production environment. Follow some of the practices we use in production products.

Open source projects to prevent you from re-inventing the wheel.

Some of our default goto libraries are open for use and contribution. These libraries are staple for many of our projects, are proven and tested. We are continually evolving them to meet further needs, but feel free to suggest features or fork the projects for your own purposes.

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