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A Node CLI Helper to fetch Lambda logs from CloudWatch.


To get started, npm install dumptruck -g.

To view logs, simply run dumptruck. If you are in a Serverless project, it will try to pull config from a serverless.yaml in the current working directory.


Once dumptruck has launched, it will guide you through prompts to select the correct log group, these selections are made with your keyboard and are remembered locally, for ease of access on future launches.

  1. Select AWS profile
  2. Select AWS Region
  3. Filter from local YAML file (if serverless.yaml is present in current folder)
  4. Select your Lambda (Ordered by most recently updated)

Once a Lambda has been selected, this will poll AWS for the latest events, There is still some slight lag as events go from your Lamdba to CloudWatch.


Once you close a log stream (ctrl+c) you are presented with a direct invocation command incase you wish to skip the option selection when targeting the same lambda again.

dumptruck -p  "default"  -r "eu-west-1" -l "your-lambda-name-here"